Oak Hardwood Wide Plank Flooring

Oak Hardwood Wide Plank Flooring

Typically, Red Oak is the most common. It's hardness is a huge contributing factor to it's wide appeal, as it is very resistant to dents, which is a major draw, as you won't have to use rugs under your furniture with Oak. It can hold stains evenly, and has a deep grain pattern that is both beautiful, and distinctive. We offer many finishes with our Wide Plank Oak Hard Wood Flooring. Due to Oak's content of tannin it is also very resistant to a fungal attack, as well as insects. This is also a huge appeal for Oak.


North America has the highest amount of Oak species within it's regions. There are roughly 90 within the United States, whereas Mexico harbors roughly 160 species. The next highest population of Oaks occurs in China with roughly about 100 species. They can have entire leaves with smooth margins, or can consist of serrated leaves, which are arranged in a spiral manner.They drop dead leaves in spring, and then producing  a fruit(nut), commonly known as an acorn. Due to this, it is considered a flowering plant.

Various Uses

Not only are Oak trees popular in the use of building materials, but the wood is also commonly used in the production of various Whiskey's, Wines, and Brandy, among others. These are typically hit with fire to produce a char that attributes a refined aroma, taste, and colour...in particular adding a hint of vanillin flavour from it's cask. Chips of Oak wood are commonly used for smoking various meats, as well as cheeses. In Japan Yamaha drums uses the wood for making drums, and bark from the Cork Oak is used to make wine stoppers - which are commonly known as corks.

As you can see the benefits of the mighty Oak are wide! Find out the benefits of how beautiful this sturdy wood will look within your home with our wide plank flooring!


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