Barn Wood Floors

Reclaimed Wide Plank Chestnut Flooring

The Chestnut species consist of four main, that are known as American, Chinese, Japanese, and European. Throughout these, a few species are called Chinquapin. It derives from the same family as the Oak, and also contains tannins, just like it's Oak cousin. Due to this it is extremely durable, and gives it a great resistance to the outdoors. This saves you from needing to protect, or treat the wood further. It is so similiar to Oak that it is often confused with it, mainly due to similar textures, and colors.

Reclaimed Wide Plank Pine Flooring

Pine trees are an evergreen species that mostly grows in the Northern Hemisphere. They are tall trees, that can live for 100 - 1,000 plus years. They are the most important tree as far as commercial value goes, as they are used for their timber, and wood pulp worldwide. They are highly used with carpentry items such as furniture, window frames, roofing, and flooring. Some of the species resin is used a source for making the common organic solvent - turpentine.

Reclaimed Wide Plank Hickory Flooring

Hickory is a dense and shock resistant wood, which makes it a great use for flooring. It's combination of stiffness, strength, and toughness is not found in any other commercial wood. The making of drumsticks, golf club shafts, and wheel spokes are a few other common uses for Hickory. Hickory was also widely used in the early construction of airplanes. Due to it's ability to yield high energy it is also often used for smoking meats, and barbecue, as well as for chimineas, and wood burning stoves.

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