Reclaimed Wide Plank Chestnut Flooring

The Chestnut species consist of four main, that are known as American, Chinese, Japanese, and European. Throughout these, a few species are called Chinquapin. It derives from the same family as the Oak, and also contains tannins, just like it's Oak cousin. Due to this it is extremely durable, and gives it a great resistance to the outdoors. This saves you from needing to protect, or treat the wood further. It is so similiar to Oak that it is often confused with it, mainly due to similar textures, and colors.

Other uses - 

The chestnut is commonly used for it's sweet fruit(nut), and for tanning leather, due to it's high amount of tannin

Using reclaimed Chestnut wood is a great way to ensure a hardness, and durability that is very close to it's kin Oak. Find out how we can help you obtain an incredible look with our choice Chestnut selection today! 

Reclaimed Wide Plank Chestnut Flooring texture + color sample

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