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The choice to use reclaimed wood is an investment in both your future and your past. Appalachian Antique Hardwoods offers the unique opportunity for our clients to resurrect a piece of history and make it an integral design component in any home or commercial atmosphere.

The use of reclaimed wood provides a look that is simply unattainable with recently harvested lumber.  Mother Nature and Father Time have crafted a masterpiece in every board that we provide to our clients.  The one-hundred to five-hundred year old wood that is used is more stable and more durable than wood that has recently been harvested. Each piece is completely guaranteed to match our strict quality specifications.  The Appalachian Antique Hardwoods team has successfully completed over 4,000 reclaimed wood projects with our large client base of homeowners, architects, interior designers, and contractors. As a direct result, we have 4000 satisfied customers who are happily enjoying a piece of the past because they insisted on using Appalachian Antique Hardwood’s unique products.

We invite you to unleash your imagination while reviewing our website.  Think about the countless possibilities where the beauty and craftsmanship of our reclaimed wood products can add value to your project.

We encourage you to call and discuss your upcoming project in greater detail with a member of our knowledgeable staff.  Embrace a piece of America’s past and let us show you how “We’re Making History…Again”®.

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